4 Skills You Need to Become a Successful B2B Content Writer

December 11, 2018
emily amos

Many online marketers struggle with the concept of content marketing for B2B-focused businesses. With so much noise and competition out there, how can your organization craft B2B content that is so powerful readers can’t help but be drawn in and engage? The 4 skills outlined in this post are a roadmap to becoming a better and more successful B2B content writer. But before we jump into the skills:

What is B2B content marketing?

B2B stands for “business-to-business”, and this type of marketing uses online content as a way to increase a business reach with it’s target audience, strengthen relationships and enhance communication of a brand.

Now that we understand what makes up the heart of B2B content marketing, it’s time to dig into how to improve your B2B content writing immediately for more successful and measurable results. Let’s get started:

1. Be sure you’re speaking to the right audience

As a B2B content writer, the first decision you make, even before deciding what to write about, is who you’re writing to. If you don’t do your research and choose the proper audience for your content marketing, then you’re creating content for no one in particular. This sort of marketing is not efficient or targeted and has been described as a process similar to throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping it sticks.

Get intentional and focused as to who your content is meant to target. Create an audience profile, do your research, understand the pain points of your readers, and then create the most suitable content to satisfy their needs.

2. Choose content topics with intention for top success

For a B2B content writer, one of the most tedious parts of the content creation process can sometimes be trying to brainstorm new topics to write about. The best use of your team’s time is to have scheduled, focused meetings where you brainstorm a large batch of content ideas in one go. From there, it is best to have a system to decide which topics will be most successful for following your team’s overall content strategy.

If you need a proven and effective system for these content brainstorming meetings, check out my post How to Uncover Fresh Content Ideas with This 30-Minute Brainstorming Process. Use this process to create content ideas that will truly resonate with your audience.

3. Use the right keywords and key phrases to speak to readers

Every industry (and niche within an industry) has special keywords that should be taken into account when creating content for online audiences. As a B2B content writer, the best way to discover this data is to listen, watch your target audience engage online, whether it’s on social media, on their websites, in email marketing, etc. Through this research, you will find key words and phrases that will absolutely speak to your target audience, because they are using this specific language themselves.

Another way you can find the best keywords for your content is to type words and phrases related to your content into Google, or a similar program. A drop-down list will appear, indicating to you which key phrases are being most searched online. This is important and powerful data, as this drop-down list is also showing you which words and phrases rank higher for SEO.

4. Think outside the typical B2B content-box

As a B2B content writer, it’s crucial that the content you write is fresh and inventive. Your readers have already seen a lot of content, and they’ve likely read something quite similar to what you normally write and send out online.

It’s time to break the mold. To stand out from the rest of the content crowd, you’ve got to think outside the box. Write about topics that your competitors haven’t covered. Ask around the office about questions of concerns team members have heard from customers that you can address head-on. Your customer success team will be the most valuable tool in this process. Make great use of them, and consider their insights with significant weight in the content creation process.

Another way to stand out is to include striking photos throughout your content. Great visuals release endorphins in our brains that make us happier, so readers will be more likely to continue reading on, as they are enjoying the experience of your content more.


A B2B content writer can have a challenging job because competition is so high. That said, the best way to help your content stand out online is to have a powerful content writer or content writing team. Whether that is you, or an external content writer, strong and effective writing makes all the difference in how you connect and communicate with your audience.


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