4 Reasons Why You Need to Cut Back on Your Content Creation

September 12, 2017
emily amos

Content creation is about quality, not quantity. We all know the online world is cluttered with content. Readers are drowning in it, and quality is getting diluted by filler pieces that are sub-par. Readers these days have to hunt for the good stuff, and we know it can hurt business when readers have to search for what they’re looking for. That’s also just bad user experience. And the internet is full of it.

Don’t let your website fall victim to unhelpful, filler content that turns readers away and lessens your value as an expert. It’s time for you to cut back on your content creation process, and here’s why:

Over-produced content could be losing you sales.

This is the age old tale of it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. Your readers most precious commodity is their time. Because they’re online, that means they get content forced on them constantly and it’s really annoying them. If you reach the point where your content annoys readers with its frequency, they’ll click away and you’ll lose them as potential business. That’s not a risk you can afford to take. Make sure your content is valuable and concise, so that readers can come in, get what they’re looking for, and leave with a positive and satisfying user experience.

Save yourself time and energy.

Running your organization takes time and energy, and it often feels like there aren’t enough hours in a day. Take a look at your to-do list right now if only you had a few extra hours you could do wonders, right?

You can find extra hours in your day by cutting back on the volume of content you’re pushing out the door. Use those extra hours to move your business forward. Do something to make your current customers feel special and appreciated. Get ahead of your workload. Do your health a favour and stop skipping lunch. The list goes on.

Create content that’s more purposeful.

In content strategy, nothing should be created without a solid purpose and measurable goal. Creating content just for the sake of it is a wasted effort and can make you lose focus of your growth objectives. Keep your eye on the prize and focus on the real reason why you’re creating content.

If you don’t know where to start, these questions can help:

  1. Who is my target audience?
  2. What are their needs?
  3. How can I meet those needs?
  4. Are my answers to their questions original, helpful and clear?

Stop talking at them, and instead listen to them.

With marketing content, it’s easy to get lost in keeping up with the schedule and getting that steady stream of content up on your website. But be honest with yourself when was the last time you really analyzed the impact of your content? Should you be looking at those numbers more often? Probably.

Reign in your content production and use the time you’ll save to listen to what the numbers and your readers are saying. Odds are you’ll see themes that are no longer lining up with the preferences of your audience. This is a great time to revisit your content strategy, research current trends and changes, and adjust accordingly for a more purposeful, effective content creation process.

When looking at content, doing less can be a win-win my points above are only the tip of the iceberg. To position yourself as an expert in your industry, you need to be providing value in a clear, concise way. Creating filler content just for the sake of meeting a quota is not helping your customers and it’s actually hurting you and your organization.

If you had a few extra hours to spare in your week, what could you get done?

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