Why Less Is More for Your Website Content

September 11, 2018
emily amos

When competition for online content marketing is heavy, we tend to think that the key to standing out is to create more and more content for our social media pages, blog or website. However, this just isn’t the case: the truth is, less is more when it comes to your website content.

Did you know that the average online user only spends 33 seconds on a webpage? That means that content you’re using for your website better grab their attention and encourage them to discover more.

But why is less content more important when it comes to your website? Well, it all comes down to your visitor being able have these three important experiences:

Visitors should find what they’re looking for easily

Website visitors simply don’t have the time or interest to dig around your website and read pages upon pages of content. Their attention spans online are already quite short, so get to the point. If content is on your website, it should have a very clear and specific purpose. Is that piece of content there to serve the customer. If it is, have you made it easy for them to access and find?

Before placing any additional content on your website, you need to consider the true purpose of the content itself, and be honest about who the content is really for. If it’s not serving the online visitor, it shouldn’t be on your website. Self-serving content isn’t going to deliver the results you want.

Visitors expect user experience to be a top priority

When we decide to put particular emphasis on a single aspect of our website strategy, every other piece of the website strategy gets less attention and care. This is not a user-friendly model for a website strategy.

Remember, your company’s website isn’t about you, it’s about the visitor. Any and all decisions you make for your website need to be based on how well the content will educate, guide and enlighten your visitor about your offerings and brand.

Just because something is intuitive to you, it doesn’t mean it will be for the website visitor. Design an effective website that considers the visitor’s needs first, and is easy for them to navigate without getting caught in all the noise from too much content.

Visitors value how they spend their time

Understand that when someone comes to visit your website, you are in fact hosting them. And any good host would tell you that you have to respect the time your visitors have taken to stop by. The way you can show that you’re thankful for their time is to have a website that provides real value to them as soon as they arrive.

Overuse of content takes away from the value and quality of your messaging. Either the best messages get lost in the shuffle, or your website is repetitive and causes online users to click away. Don’t repeat the same thing over and over again deliver it once, and make sure it’s done effectively.

Don’t make users regret visiting your website you want them to walk away feeling like they’ve pulled some real value from it, which encourages them to come back to explore it more another time.

Effective and brief content brings real results

With everyone busy and looking at a lot of content in one day, do your website visitors a favour by making sure that your website is designed with them in mind. Give visitors a chance to find exactly what they’re looking for quickly and easily, without getting lost in a sea of web content.

The goal is to leave them with a positive attitude towards your business and brand so that they move further along the process to becoming a customer or client.


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