5 Tips for Content Contributors in Higher Ed

March 8, 2016
emily amos

In the competitive world of higher education recruitment, your website will play a key role in your success. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind as you develop or update your content strategy and produce your content:

1. You cannot overestimate the importance of your content

Content is the reason people visit your site. As content writers, it’s our job to continuously raise the bar when it comes to producing valuable content. Never stop assessing:

  • what your target audience is talking about
  • what questions they’re asking
  • what problems they’re trying to solve
  • what content they find the most engaging

2. Creating and meeting expectations with consistency

We all have limited amounts of time to dedicate to web content so be realistic and consistent. Put it in your calendar to regularly update pages like News & Events and Research Publications. There’s nothing worse than finding events that have long passed, or publication lists where the most recent is from 2008.

For blogs and recurring features, such as a faculty spotlight, it is important to stick to a fairly consistent schedule. Once your visitors know what to expect, they are more likely to come back to your site.

3. What’s your story?

For your content to resonate with your visitors, it needs to be relatable. Consider adding to your content mix by telling a story. Showcase a researcher who had a breakthrough. Tell “A Day in the Life” story about a current student or alumni.

4. Share advice

There’s no question about it the more valuable your content, the more it will be shared by your visitors and the more credibility you will earn as a result. So, give freely when it comes to advice.

  • Ask current students for their best piece of advice for new students
  • List the 10 tastiest and cheapest restaurants close to campus
  • Provide tips on finding extra-curricular activities that are a good fit

5. It’s okay to self-promote in moderation

Prospective students are genuinely interested to hear why your university is a great choice for them. Current students and alumni may want to share articles and posts with others because they are proud of their school and its accomplishments. Self-promotion is fine as long as it also fulfills the needs of your target audiences.

Emily Amos of Word Savvy is a Halifax web writer and web content strategist.

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