Simple Tips to Make B2B Landing Pages that Convert

July 12, 2016
emily amos

Start creating more effective landing pages with practical and easy-to-implement tips that help you increase your conversion rate.


Catherine Toole from Sticky Content presents an great webinar to get you started on the road to landing page success. In this post, we attempt to summarize her excellent suggestions.

Let’s get started

Catherine describes a useful framework for optimizing your landing pages. It is called EAST and stands for Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely.

Take it EASY:

  • Develop content that is clear and to the point

Creating huge amounts of content might seem like a good idea to help promote your business and “wow” audiences, but it’s not. People love to be informed but as quickly as possible so keep your content tight and focused.

  • Turn larger tasks into small steps to reduce effort

Why make people do more work than they need to. Give them what they want in simple, bite-size steps. Less effort = increased interest.

  • Create pathways that make sense

Good pathways are links that lead to the promised information. People get frustrated if they click on a link that takes them somewhere other than where they thought they were going.

  • Consider defaults

When a person sees a default option in a form, they’re more apt to click and use it.

Make it ATTRACTIVE to the eye

  • Build your landing page so it is as appealing as possible

Capture people’s attention through design and layout. Think about what attracts you to the content from some websites and not others. Bright colors and images are great to consider.

  • Use an engaging tone

Writing in an upbeat and inviting way is much more interesting to read than if you only wrote facts and figures.

  • Include the results and benefits

Explain to people what it will be like doing business with you so people know what to expect.

  • Let the people decide

People become much more engaged when they get to choose a customized experience from your content. This gives people the choice to identify with who they are and what they want.


  • Add testimonials

People love to read about others experiences with a business.

  • Show that other people love what you do

Use testimonials, statistics and surveys to promote the idea that a lot of other people are doing what you want them to do.

  • Go for the “you” format, not “we” or “us”

This shows you care about your audience, as well as making the content more conversational and inviting to read.

  • Show you can empathize

You can do this by recognizing what people might be feeling. For example, if you ran a virus protection program company, you could empathize with your audience about how challenging it is when your computer gets infected.

  • Know the significance of social rewards

Rewards don’t have to be huge giveaways, but small things will help attract more attention to your content.

Keep it TIMELY

  • Put in urgency prompts

Use language that encourages now as the right time to check out your page, try the free trial run, download your whitepaper, etc. When something is available for a limited time, people are more interested.

  • Know the right content to have at the right time

Plan ahead so you know the most relevant time to include certain things on your landing page.

  • Save people’s time

If you’re writing an article, consider letting people know the average reading time for it.

These tips will help ensure your B2B landing page convert with ease.

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