Subject Matter Experts: How to Collaborate

January 10, 2017
emily amos

Tapping into the knowledge of subject matter experts can do wonders for your content. With their insights and explanations, you can create accurate, relevant and engaging content.

Need more reasons to collaborate with subject matter experts?

A structured brainstorming session will save time

As the content writer, you have the clearest idea of your content design and information architecture. Be sure to guide your subject matter expert by providing a table of contents or information architecture. This will help you extract the information you need in a structured manner.

Use authentic language from the start

Whether you’re writing for a general audience or a niche audience, you need to know what words and phrases will resonate. You also need to know what level of simplicity or complexity will work best for your audience. Your subject matter expert should have some useful insights on this.

Spend less time reviewing

Working with a subject matter expert in person will allow them to build trust in you and your adaptation of their subject matter. By giving your subject matter expert an opportunity to become invested in the content creation process, the less time you will need to spend during the review phase.

Give your content the boost it needs

Writers and content strategists look to simplify information into content that is easily digestible for the readers. Subject matter experts will offer you facts and insights to make your overall presentation accurate and effective.

Other perspectives improve storytelling

It’s easy to get lost in the details. Subject matter experts can help you understand the relationships between pieces of information so you can see the bigger picture. They may also have great ideas for storytelling devices, such as infographics, to accompany your work.

Tips for collaboration
1. Set clear expectations with the subject matter expert.
2. Bring print-outs of key and supporting materials, notepads and laptops.
3. Make use of mind maps, storyboards and bullet points.
4. Offer ideas throughout the entire process.
5. Teamwork is key.

Subject matter experts can really give your content that extra edge. Whether it’s providing facts or creative ideas for your content presentation, you can benefit from their partnership and expertise.

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