Content Marketing to Millennials Is More Important than Ever

August 14, 2018
emily amos

In today’s workforce, 30% of North American workers are millennials. By 2025, millennials will account for 75% of the global workforce. So what does this mean in terms of content marketing to millennials?

Millennials have grown up in an age where you don’t need to pull out an encyclopedia to find the answer to a question information is easily accessible by opening a website browser and hitting “search”.

As the internet has grown, millennials have grown with it every step of the way. Some might argue that online content marketing was made specifically for millennials as it leverages all of the technology they’re familiar with and use on a daily basis.

So what are some more specific reasons you should direct your content marketing to millennials? Here are my 3 top reasons:

Millennials are hyper-connected

When asked what makes their generation unique, millennials ranked “Technology Use” as the first reason at 24%. Based on their comfort and fluency with technology, millennials have a more positive view of accepting digital activity into their lives. This means you have a greater chance of communicating your messages and online content with this audience, based on the amount and quality of time they spend online.

When millennials find real value in something, they will choose to share it with others. Consider this statistic: 54% of millennials feel that new technology helps them stay closer to their friends and family. Putting two and two together, content that truly resonates with millennials can potentially be shared via social media, email or other digital means.

In other words, millennials have the potential of being your brand’s champion through word-of-mouth marketing. But that can’t be the case unless you actually leverage the opportunity by targeting your content marketing to millennials.

Millennials value brand integrity over anything else

Regardless of which content you share with millennials, it’s more important than ever to be politically correct in your messaging, wording and undertones. Millennials favour brands that they find sincere and trustworthy. If your brand has any reason at all to be interpreted as suspicious, millennials will not be likely to engage favourably. When they disengage, they choose to either not share your content, or worse, speak unfavourably about your brand online.

The key is to be transparent, and provide real value to your readers. Every interaction your organization has with a millennial customer should to be strategically personal and applicable, this is what they expect in their online interactions with company brands.

Give millennials a reason to trust your organization, believe in your brand, and speak well about your reputation. As active online users, they can spread the word about your brand and messaging enthusiastically if you give them a reason to love you.

Millennials use technology for more than just connecting with friends

Consider the fact that millennials aren’t just using technology for social media. They are using it to manage their finances, coordinate their calendars, and so much more. Technology is always in their hand. That’s a powerful reality for your content marketing potential.

Knowing that this audience is expanding how and why they use technology every day, a bit of creativity and foresight can mean a limitless amount of opportunities to connect, engage and introduce these audience members to your company and brand. The more you introduce yourself and make an impression, the more top-of-mind you will be.

Consider unique and clever ways to speak through your content marketing to millennials, and you might just have the next viral sensation on your hands. Or, at least, you’ll have plenty more supporters of your brand and followers on your social media pages.

What are some other reasons why you believe millennials are an important audience for your content marketing? Let me know in the comments section below.


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