4 Tips for Hiring the Right Content Strategist for Your Project

June 13, 2017
emily amos

The demand for high quality, engaging content continues to grow. Because readers are overwhelmed by the amount of content online, more organizations are hiring a content strategist to help them gain traction online.

That said, not just any content strategist will do. You need someone with the skills and talent necessary for the job. As you start your hunt for a content strategist who is the right fit for your project, here are several tips to keep in mind:

Know your project needs in advance

Identifying exactly what you need from a content strategist will allow for a more seamless partnership. First ask yourself this: where’s the pain? Are you hoping to attract a more diverse student body to your university? Are you trying to communicate to patients more clearly on your hospital’s website, Are you looking to create government forms that are easier to use? Know what you need, and look for a content strategist who can fulfill those needs.

Create a job description outlining your needs

Content strategists can specialize in various areas, such as strategic planning, project management, user experience, copywriting and the like. Knowing which specializations you need is the first step in creating a job description. As with any job offer, be clear about your expectations. If you require previous knowledge or experience in your industry, a background in marketing, or someone to work closely with your social media team, include these details.

Ask for samples of past projects

You’ll want samples to gauge your applicants abilities. Some content strategists may have a portfolio or case studies available on their website to review. These pieces will give you insights into whether a content strategist has the experience necessary, and can not only provide the work, but also get real, measurable results.

If you’re unsure, hire a content strategy consultant

When in doubt, engage a content strategy consultant to help you hire a content strategist for your organization. Content strategy consultants will be able to pick out the real-deals from those who are just talk. Do some research on leaders in the field and hire one to identify genuine talent so that you can rest assured you’re putting your investment in the right person.

What skillsets are most important to you when hiring a content strategist?

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