How to Improve your Mobile Conversion Rates in 6 Steps

October 11, 2016
emily amos

The best mobile marketing happens when you have meaningful interactions between your users and your business.

You’re asking, How do I do that?

There are two main tips you should focus on for your website:

  • Be touch-friendly
  • Be engaging to look at

It’s simple.

And here is how to start.

  1. Use big touch targets. Making buttons too small or too close together will lead to very frustrated users who will eventually click away.
  2. A little goes a long way. Putting out too much content can be overwhelming. People using mobile devices are often busy and won’t have time to see all your content. Keep your content concise and straightforward.
  3. Important links go in the middle. The most accurate touches happen when users touch links in the middle of the screen. The closer the link is to the perimeter, the more likely users will miss the target.
  4. Simple gestures work best. Swiping or tapping are the best gestures to use for the important tasks. Gestures needing two hands can be used for secondary tasks.
  5. Completing transactions should be effortless. Include dropdown menus, check boxes and auto-suggest so users don’t have to type out answers. Ask only for the essential information from users.
  6. Sharing. Using images and videos lead to better social media engagement. Try placing social sharing buttons in just the right spot so users are more likely to click and share.

Try it yourself

Test out these tips and see how they work for you. Do you notice any changes in engagement?

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