Online Content Writing Style May Be Subjective, But Quality is Not

September 6, 2019
emily amos

These days, online content is king when it comes to marketing your organization. That said, writing high-quality web content isn’t so simple. 

You may think that because you don’t mind writing, you would make the ideal web content writer for your organization’s marketing initiatives. While one can argue that writing styles are subjective depending on the writer, the reality is that high-quality online content is not subjective. It has rules and complex procedures that must be respected for your online content to be optimized correctly. 

Online content needs to be both effective and engaging, and you need to find a balance between creative style and efficient content that converts. Qualified web content writers are trained to find that balance.  

How can you ensure that your organization is creating high-quality web content that will truly convert? Consider implementing these 3 elements in your content marketing puzzle:

1. Create a style guide for your content writers

If you want to get the most out of your content writers, you need to equip them with the tools to enable them to succeed. Every organization has a unique brand, and thus a unique style guide. Your content style guide is like your company’s fingerprint and for your writer to best represent the integrity of your organization, they need to intimately know that fingerprint.

Don’t leave it to the web writer to figure out your brand through trial and error. Offer a style guide that outlines the roadmap for communicating with your readers based on the tone of your brand and the preference of how and what your online users enjoy reading. 

2. Optimize your online content for SEO

It’s more important than ever for your online content to be findable, and thus SEO-friendly. What this means is that within your web content, you need to use keywords that your target market is likely to search for when they type a search into Google.

Be sure to choose a web content writer who is not only familiar with SEO, but also trained in SEO content writing, to ensure you get the most successful, well-optimized content. When your online content is created with quality SEO practices in mind, you’re getting the best bang for your buck. 

3. Write for the reader, not for yourself

What’s the reason you’re creating the web content to begin with? It’s certainly not for your own pleasure. It’s to provide value to your target audience, and, of course, to market your service. If you’d like to write content that has you as the target reader, do that in your spare time. But while you’re here to create high-quality marketing content to enhance the reach and brand of your organization, it’s important to write how your readers want you to write. 

A big part of this writing style means that you’re speaking to the reader in a way that they best understand. Drop the jargon and flowery words, and speak clearly and concisely. Your reader’s time is valuable and important, and they want you to get to the point. Don’t bog them down with unnecessary filler content that doesn’t serve a practical purpose.


Highly optimized and well-created content will attract the attention of readers and cut straight to a pain point or need they have. High-quality content speaks directly into the solutions to their pain and shows how your service can solve their problem. 

Whether you’re using a web content writer or are writing online content yourself, keep in mind that, from the get-go, you need to create your web content with your target audience in mind. That means choosing topics they care about, enhancing that content with SEO so they can find it, and writing in a style that truly resonates with them.

Which other ways can you ensure your organization is focusing on high-quality marketing content that truly connects with readers?

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