Information Architecture

Helping your audiences find what they are looking for

Information architecture, such as logical organization of information, intuitive navigation and clear naming conventions for your menu buttons, plays a crucial role in your online success. Our goal is to quickly and easily guide your visitors to the tasks they want to accomplish and help them take the actions you want, such as buy, call, click or sign up.

How we can help you with your information architecture

Word Savvy will work with you to get more leads and sales by ensuring your site is organized logically and your audience can navigate it intuitively. Here is the proven, 4-step process you can expect:

Discover: We meet with you in person or by phone to discuss your website goals and what you’d like this new architecture and navigation to achieve for your organization and your visitors. We also clarify your target markets, your target markets pain or problem, and the solution you provide.

Define: We thoroughly analyze and assess your current site structure to see how logical and intuitive it is. We also interview a key member of your public-facing staff (such as a customer support representative) to find out the common issues your visitors are having when navigating through your site.

Develop: To get the best grasp on the current pitfalls and how to improve, we will conduct user surveys, user testing or a card sort exercise to find out just how your web visitors are using your website.

  • User Surveys: We create a survey that seeks to understand who is using your site and how, what tasks they come to your site to accomplish, what they would like to find, and any issues they may have. We would then email this to a number of people who comprise your target markets.
  • User Testing: We do face-to-face, individualized testing of a number of people who comprise your target markets. We ask them to complete a number of tasks on your website, and we observe how they go about completing those tasks.
  • Card Sort Exercise: We meet with a small group of your key stakeholders and have them sort cards with page names or information categories on them into logical groupings.

We then create a new site architecture based on our research and experience, as well as the user surveys, user testing or card sort exercise. We also provide recommendations for navigation structure and name options for your menu buttons.

Our recommendations are always focused on helping the user quickly and easily accomplish the tasks they came to your site to accomplish as well as guiding them towards taking the actions you want them to take, such as buy, click, call or sign up.

Deploy: We are on hand to liaise with your web development team as they take your new site architecture and navigation recommendations and quickly and easily implement them for better results.

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