5 Social Proofing Tactics to Turn Readers into Customers

April 11, 2017
emily amos

If you see a crowded restaurant or a line-up outside a local shop, it draws you in. The quality of products and service must be great, otherwise people wouldn’t be there “right” This is called “social proofing” and it is a marketing strategy based on the fact that people conform to the actions of others when the numbers are greater.

What does this mean for you? Using social proof can persuade a visitor to click further rather than click away. Here are several tactics for you to grow your business through your best employee, your website.

Collect testimonials
The best marketing these days is by word-of-mouth. Testimonials and endorsements by influencers are exactly that. Keep in mind that they carry more value when coming from professionals who are credible and objective.

Show ratings and reviews
Rankings are powerful. Rarely do people buy online without first reading a few customer reviews or checking out how many stars in a 5-star rating the producer or service got. Being transparent by offering these ratings and reviews on your website saves visitors the effort of tracking down the information themselves and looks like you have nothing to hide.

Share the love
Crowds draw people in. The bigger the crowd, the more people want to be part of the action. By revealing the amount of subscribers, shares and likes you have, people are more likely to want what you’re offering. Add a convincing call to action to inspire visitors to continue on to your services page.

Highlight badges, certifications and seals
Establish credibility by posting these icons on your website. For example, showing a badge for website security, such as McAfee Secure, will make your visitors more comfortable when downloading information from your site. Another example is payment security, like Pay Pal, which provides your customers with the peace of mind that their sensitive credit card information won’t be mishandled.

Display client logos
Client logos build online credibility because they tell readers that others find your services valuable. Just be sure to get permission from your clients before posting their logos on your website.

Word-of-mouth is one of your best allies in such a busy, crowded marketplace. Through the social proofing tactics above, take your online marketing to the next level and set yourself apart in from the crowd using your web content.

What social proofing tactics do you use on your website?


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