How to Write Persuasive Copy to Turn Prospects into Leads

August 13, 2019
emily amos

Writing persuasive copy can be very challenging, but is necessary when it comes to converting online prospects into leads. If your position in your writing is clear from the beginning, it’s easier for you to stand out from the rest of the crowd online. If you can stand out and be heard over the noise of your competition, you are more likely to grab the attention of prospects who can be converted into leads.

In today’s post, I offer tips and tricks to help you be more persuasive in your writing. I also explain how writing persuasively will improve the success of your organization’s overall content marketing.

Don’t get too clever

There’s engaging and interesting writing, and then there’s writing something that’s so clever it’s too clever—so much so that your readers have no clue what you’re actually trying to say.

If you’re trying to enhance your content, it’s possible to do so without losing any quality in how your messages are communicated. If your writing is not clear enough for your readers to understand, it’s not effective and will cause online users to click away from your website or content.

Write for all types of readers

When I’ve written about effective writing practices before, it’s often been in reference to being inclusive with the language that you choose, and making sure that your choice of words isn’t too complex for most readers to understand. But have you considered adapting your content for different writing styles?

There are those who go in-depth with reading online, and others who just scan. To grab the attention of both types of readers, you have to write very strategically. The key to crafting content that appeals specifically to scanners is to:

  • write a headline that communicates the main idea of your article
  • include an image that captures the theme of your content
  • craft sub-headlines which summarize the content within
  • add bulleted lists (like this one) to make your content more readable

Make a strong first impression

First impressions are everything, like it or not. When visitors first pop into your website, they need to have a high-quality experience right away, otherwise, they won’t stay around long enough to explore what else you have to offer.

Incorporate stunning visuals with your copy to capture the reader’s interests and keep their attention for a longer period of time. You want them to continue exploring your website and decide whether or not your offering is the right fit for them.

Be clear and specific about the value you’re offering

If you’re going to convince people to convert, you need to have a reason for them to do so. Communicate what you’re offering very clearly, and why it should matter to your reader. Speak to their unique pain points and paint a picture of how you can improve the quality of their day-to-day life.

Grabbing your prospect’s attention can be tough, but once you’ve done it, your likelihood of converting that prospect into a lead, and then into a buyer, is greatly increased.

Writing persuasive online copy isn’t only about knowing which words convert best; it’s about creating content with a specific audiences, messages, and goals in mind. Your writing can’t be everything to everyone, and that shouldn’t be your goal. Your aim should be to be heard above all the noise that is your competition.

Creating truly useful, effective copy isn’t easy, but with clarity, intention and proper research, your content can cut through the noise and provide real, persuasive value to your readers.

Which persuasive writing tactics have you used that your audience responded well to? Let me know in the comments section below.

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