Writing Content for Mobile A Word of Advice

November 8, 2016
emily amos

According to Smart Insights, 51% of people are using mobile for viewing content as opposed to desktop. This means you could be losing some of your target audience if you can’t provide an adequate mobile experience for them. To avoid this, start thinking about your mobile content strategy.

Like all good content, it should be interesting and written in a way mobile users can access and digest.

My word of advice is to employ these few tips:

First a little background

To fully appreciate the importance of mobile content, you must understand that all content is about the conversation. That’s what online marketing is a conversation between you and your audience. So just like real life, you have different ways of communicating depending on the context of the situation. Obviously, the way you write online is much different than the way you discuss topics over the phone.

Realize what matters

Think about your audience as you are writing. What specific information are they looking for? What do they need most from your content and how can you communicate that information to them effectively? Put this information at the top of your page since that’s where your audiences eyes land initially.

It’s not just in the writing

It goes without saying that writing is big part of your mobile content strategy, but remember other ways you can communicate your content to your audience. Pictures are great attention grabbers and also drive a lot of traffic.

That said, keep in mind that pictures also increase load time for mobile pages, as well as take up a lot of space on the smaller screen, so use them wisely.

Preview your pages

Content can display very differently depending on the device. To help minimize this, use a template that allows you to preview your content on different devices such as an iPhone or Blackberry. It’s crucial to have this type of functionality so every member of your audience is viewing your content exactly how you want them too.

The two golden rules to reader comprehension

When viewing on mobile, we know that reader comprehension decreases, so keep these two golden rules in mind: 2 sentences per paragraph and 14 words per sentence.

Ensure your sentences are short and to the point and use line breaks at every opportunity. Remember how this is a conversation between you and your audience? Think of this as a short and sweet one.

Prompt your audience

Using strong calls to action is important in mobile content. Don’t put them near the perimeter of the page because your audience is least likely to notice them there. Instead, place them close to the top center of the page and then possibly repeat that call to action further down.

The next step

Technology is always advancing, and from recent statistics it is pretty clear that people are glued to their devices. As you communicate with your diverse audience groups, spend some time ensuring your content works on mobile.

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